King Clumber Spaniels

"Where the King's dogs are treated like Royalty"

The puppy Byrus makes the cover of
Jan Irvings Clumbers 100
Jan Irving has been and continues to be
a wonderful Mentor and a fantastic friend.
She allowed me the honor of designing
 the Clumbers 100 covers and also as
great teachers do, proded me into writting
an article not only for 100 but several other issues.
I will forever be in her debt.

Byrus, goes for a walk
dressed before a Dog Show.

Endora, resting in the
Hotel room on the road
to a Dog Show!

Endora with her
Favorite toys, balls,
yes she caries them
all at once!!!!!

Agatha on right, takes a rest
after playing with Byrus

Daddy tries to stack Dotta, TRIES!

Dotta, 5 months old,
still wet from her bath.