King Clumber Spaniels

"Where the King's dogs are treated like Royalty"

Dotta "Spice Twice Viking Dotta"

D.O.B.  8/12/2006

S & N CH. JWW-98 Welladays Wallstreet  X

INT & FIN CH. EUW-03, FINW-03 Karlux Doris Day

Owners: John & Naiza Woodlief and Ira Sarlin


Cerf- Clear, Heart-OFA Clear,  Elbows
OFA Clear, Hips OFA Fair,

Patellar Luxation OFA Normal, PDP1- Normal (Negative)

click link below: New Folder/Dotta Test Results.jpeg

Dotta came to us from Spice Twice in Finland, we will forever
be in debt to Ira Sarlin for
trusting us with her beautiful girl,
she is a joy to live with.

Dotta 2y7m

Hunting Lizards                                                                            Dotta 2y7m

Dotta 2y 6m- click image to see larger

Dotta 2y 6m

Dotta 2y5m Click on image to enlarge

"Got Seeds"                                                                                    Dotta 2y5m

Dotta 2y5m

Dotta 2y5m

Dotta 2y2m- click image to enlarge

Dotta 2y-Click image to enlarge

Dotta 1y9m

Dotta 1y9m looking at birds

Dotta 22 months

Dotta 20 months with the "Duke of Newcastle"  Chris Page,

2008 CSCA National

Spice Twice Viking Dotta 20 months- Photo Ira Sarlin

Dotta 20 months during her birdiness test at the 2008 CSCA National Hunt Trials

Dotta passes her birdiness test at the 2008 CSCA National Hunt Trials

Left - John Woodlief      Right - June Pettitt

The Lessons continue back at home!!!!

Dotta 22 months "Lizard Hunter"

Dotta 10.5 months

Dotta 1yr

The Viking Princess, rests after the show.