King Clumber Spaniels

"Where the King's dogs are treated like Royalty"


CH. Woodbury's Dreamcatcher

D.O.B.  12/20/2003

CH. Libell's Hot Shot At Clussex  X

Woodbury Lady Caroline Clumber

PDP1-Normal (Negative)

Our first Clumber, what a beautiful being,

He is the reason that we became so enchanted with this Breed.

Byrus continues to inspire us.

Byrus 5 yrs

Byrus 4 yrs

Byrus 4yrs -Soaked from his pool

Byrus 2.2yrs    Is this supposed to keep me Clean??

Byrus 16 months

Byrus 18 months

Byrus 18 months

Byrus 18 months

Byrus 2.4 yrs

Byrus 2.5 yrs

Byrus 2.5 yrs